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Postcards from Air Force personnel overseas

A collection of images from Postcards sent in by Air Force personnel on deployment

Air Force personnel go overseas regularly on exercises and missions. They have sent us postcards, which weave observation and anecdote about their experiences abroad and give insights into life in the Air Force.


Squadron Leader Allison Wells

February 2013 Postcard from Jerusalem by Squadron Leader Allison Wells

Squadron Leader Andrew Bannan

10 February 2013 Postcard from Egypt by Squadron Leader Andrew Bannan

Leading Aircraftman Jess McLean

18 January 2013 Postcard from Timor-Leste by Leading Aircraftman Jessica McLean

Corporal Scotty Cameron

21 January 2013Postcard from Afghanistanby CPL Scotty Cameron

Corporal Odessa Rukuwai

21 January 2013 Postcard from Afghanistan by CPL Odessa Rukuwai

Corporal Robyn Koch

13 December 2012 Postcard from Dubai by Corporal Robyn Koch

Corporal Michele Liddicoat

12 December 2012Postcard from Dubai by Corporal Michele Liddicoat

Warrant Officer Angela Hockenhull

13 December 2012 Postcard from Sinai by Warrant Officer Angela Hockenhull