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SH-2G(I) Seasprite Helicopters

SH-2G(I) Seasprite Helicopter

Naval Helicopter Forces (NHF) is provided by No. 6 Squadron RNZAF. The Squadron is equipped with a fleet of eight SH-2G(I) Seasprite helicopters operated by the RNZN and maintained by the RNZAF.

The Seasprites are primarily used as integrated air assets from the two ANZAC Frigates and, when ordered, the Multi Role Vessel HMNZS Canterbury in order to provide a range of capabilities from logistic support to combat operations.

No. 6 Squadron exercises with the Australian Defence Force and Five Power Defence Agreement nations in Southeast Asia and also with Government departments such as the Department of Conservation to maintain expertise in its core tasks.

No. 6 Squadron currently provides crews comprised of a pilot, observer and crewman. The crews are supported whilst embarked on the RNZN vessels by RNZAF avionics and aircraft engineering technicians.

The Seasprite specifications are on the Navy site at