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Reserve Obligation

On release from the service, you would have been transferred to the Reserve for either:

  • 4 years- if you completed less than 20 years service or,
  • 2 years- if you completed more than 20 years service.

You would not have incurred a reserve liability if:

  • You were/are aged 60 years or over
  • You were dismissed or discarded from the service
  • You fell below the required medical standard prior to release.
  • If you had requested release due to pregnancy or for childcare purposes, you would be exempt from any reserve liability for 52 weeks after your release, at which time the liability will be deemed to resume.

If Civil Court has sentenced you to any period of imprisonment, your reserve liability will be terminated.

Whilst on the reserve, there is no requirement to carry out any training during the period of your obligation. You will only be recalled to active service in the time of war or emergency.